“Antman” Pleasant surprise

Aloha – The last time I was this surprised was when my daughter dragged me off to see Ironman, really how interesting can it be to see a guy fly around in a metal suit?  Since then I have come to expect a lot from the world of Marvel.  I’ve liked some of the films better than other Guardians of the Galaxy for example.  Antman?  Really?  With nothing else of interest playing I talked my wife into going to yet another Marvel release.  What a surprise; what a delight.  I keep wondering about the selection of actors for the superhero roles, Paul Rudd?  Then I remember, most of these superheros were Joe Everyman before their transition.  Paul Rudd made an excellent choice.  I did find it a bit distracting that they tried to make the daughter of Michael Douglas, played by Evangeline Lilly, look like Douglas’ real wife: Catherine Zeta-Jones.  I kept wondering if that did that on purpose.  It really was the only distraction in the film.  The Marvel world was everything you would expect, it had a reasonable plotline for a summer popcorn movie, but the surprise and the delight was in the writing and humor.  When we lft the theater my wife said, “That was my favorite movie of the year so far.”  I have to agree with her.  Doc


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