San Andreas – As disaster movies go… pretty good

Aloha – Other than the New Dawn having problems near Pluto it’s been a pretty slow news weekend for astronomy.  So I surrendered to the urge to see a movie.  Dwayne Johnson is even more heroic than usual in the movie… that helps.  Let’s see, compared to 2012, we don’t have nearly as near miss takeoffs for airplanes, but the helicopter rescue scene is pretty edgy, and doing a tandem parachute jump with your estranged wife could have been even more interesting if they hadn’t virtually reconciled by that point in the movie.  Cruise shift drifting through the city of San Francisco was better lit than the oil tanker floating through New York City in Day after Tomorrow.  Skyscrapers crumbling in two different cities rather than just one?  If I were in the skyscrapers I’d probably feel different about it, but as a centerpiece to the cinema-photography it got pretty boring.  It seemed ironic that the personal story in both 2012 and San Andreas is tied to getting a separated or divorced couple back together again.  Still, for the popcorn disaster movies of summer I liked it better than 2012 (which is difficult to say as a John Cusack fan), and Day After Tomorrow, and not as good as Dante’s Peak (I know that one’s getting back there, but it is the top of my measuring stick for disaster movies).  Need a break or cool of time, it is an okay use of two hours of your time.  Doc


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