Ringing in a new Ring around Saturn

Biggest Ring Around Saturn Just Got Supersized

Aloha – Just when you think we know our Solar System, scientists decide to inform us that Saturn has yet another ring and a huge one at that.

The Phobe Ring ranges for 7.7 to 12.4 million miles from the planet surface.  Let’s see that would mean that the outer boundaries are almost 50 times as far away as the Earth’s Moon.  The current theory is that the ring was the result of a collision of some sort.

The ring existing at this distance defies existing theories about the composition and nature of rings, so it’s a bit of a challenge to take the theories too seriously at this point.  The ring is also a bit boring in some ways as the participles would be visible to the naked eye up close and personal, but their consistency is smaller in diameter than a human hair.

In any case, welcome to the Solar System, Phoebe :o)



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