Magellanic Supernova explosion


Aloha – I’d call this the picture of the day.  Three stars Supernova’d in a relatively empty part of space.  Of course the explosions occurred long before the advent of humans on this planet based on the theory of light traveling at the speed of light.

It actually reminds me of something stupid that is happening right here on Earth right now.  The U.S. Department of Education is systematically trying to destroy all career education in the country.  Like the supernova of a star whose time is long past, the DOE is exploding in its own supernova destroying anything resembling non-elitist education in the US.  Granted I’m on a tangent today, but I keep seeing our government doing stupid things based on the personal foibles of the administration.

Hoping your industry does not become the target of the dying star that goes under the title of the Current Administration :o)



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