When galaxies collide

This image shows NGC 6240. Image credit: NASA / ESA / Hubble Heritage / STScI / AURA / Hubble Collaboration / A. Evans, University of Virginia / NRAO / Stony Brook University.

Aloha – What happens when two galaxies collide?  Well for starters we get a great picture :o)

Hubble and other massive intergalactic space searches have revealed not only great pictures but interesting stories as well.  One that I find particularly interesting in what happens when two galaxies bump into each other.  Theories abound that one galaxy grabs who sections of stars from the other, depending on relative strength of magnetic fields.  Others suggest that such collisions create massive black holes.

Either way, still a great picture.  Considering the millions of years it takes for the entire process to occur, I haven’t come up with a great sci-fi story to utilize these theories, but I’m still backed up several novels.



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