Avengers Age of Ultron – Why do we have to always go to we’re our own worst enemy?

Aloha – I finally saw Avengers Age of Ultron last night.  The only way to see a film like this in my opinion is in IMAX, and for the CGI it was terrific.

I was not surprised, but disappointed in my superheroes.  I know it is inevitable.  Every superhero series I’ve ever watch has to have (usually in the third installment) the issue of the hero being the source of the problem.  Maybe the writers are into superhero psychoanalysis fetishes, maybe they just can’t come up with any fresh ideas to keep the superhero a superhero.  But didn’t we already go through Tony Stark’s iteration of this already?  The super-mumbo jumbo psycho-babble was a distraction.

Of course the team all gets back together and fights to victory.  The extended climax was way too long, but still very entertaining.  I got lost on what happened to Tony Stark for a too long stretch of disappearing,  His superbrain did pay off for the climax… pretty nice.

Of course we also have to deal with another legacy issue with a character (or pair of characters) wanting revenge for a Stark weapon.  Hmmm…. think they did that before too.

Although the writers may have been using the psychology angle to try to raise the movie to some other plain than popcorn entertainment, they failed in that regard.  As a popcorn movie, still a lot of fun.  In fact, you can really go out for popcorn twice in the middle of the film and improve the merits of the finished product.  Maybe stand in line a few extra minutes :o)



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