No life on Mars?

The author of 'The Martian' doesn't think there's life on Mars

Aloha – Life on Mars?  Yes or no?  The author of “The Martian” says “no”.  I’m not as concerned with the question of whether or not there is life on Mars as I am with the question of was there life on Mars.  Considering what we know (or at least have scientific theory suggesting are the facts include:  (1) Mars had an atmosphere, (2) Mars had a large ocean.  With those two factors combined I find it hard to argue that there definitively never was life on Mars.

Hypothesis:  The arc legend is much older than current ancient history.  I say current ancient history as we have no knowledge if what we believe to be the origins of history are in fact the first histories ever recorded.  Mankind did not originate on Earth, but from Mars and had to leave as the environment collapsed.  Mars might not even be the origin of Man, but just of Man on Earth.

Makes for an interesting premise for a science fiction novel.  It is on my list, but I’m in the first quarter of the first draft of tentatively titled, ARLO.  Mars does play a minor role in the novel, but nothing related to this hypothesis.

What do you think?



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