Mad Max – Fury Road exploding on a screen near you

Aloha – I was traveling across the country back in 1979-80 setting up a test program.  I was accompanied by my younger brother.  He was impressed with the Smithsonian, which considering his disinterest in education I took as a boon.

We were on a limited budget, and one night I thought, what the heck, we’ll go into a drive in movie theater, see a show and catch a nap.  The film playing was something called, Mad Max.  I will admit that I liked Mel Gibson and followed his acting career thereafter, but the film itself was low budget, cheesy, and not even close to the best dystopian end of the world film I had seen.  But somehow it caught the imagination of film goers.  It lead to a much bigger budget, and much less entertaining pair of sequels.  It also became the measuring stick by which to measure other such films as Waterworld and The Postman.

Now we’re in the era of re-boots, so why not reboot Mad Ma? Well, one reason is that Mel Gibson, despite personal problems, is hard to replace.  Without the right actor, it will be just another neh.  But the previews make it look more like the sequels than the original.  I’m thinking with all the CGI and violence it will be  the sequels, perhaps more aptly titled, Mad Max – Blurry Road, or Sad Max – Dreary Road.



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