Massive Black Hole at center of the Milky Way

Graveyard of Stars May Surround Milky Way's Monster Black Hole

Aloha – Today’s speculation of choice is related to a theory that the center of the Milky was is hosted by a massive Black Hole, 4.3 million times the size of our son.  Thousands of star may be shrouding the Black Hole, or perhaps it is spinning at a speed almost unfathomable.

Intriguing notion.  It certainly has some merit.  After all the Milky way is clearly spinning in a manner that suggests the billions of stars are being held in a pattern by some force.

As the characters in the Demeter series do not really approach the center of the Milky Way their opinions are of limited value, but here we go:

Ryder’s view is that the Milky Way does revolve around a giant Black Hole, but he is non-commital to the size.  He is supportive of theory that whatever it’s size it is spinning at speeds to fast to capture on film.

Cynthia is quoted as saying “I believe that God is at the Center of the Universe and it is through his will that all things live and exist.  I believe it is through his power that the Milky Way spins.

Debbie, Ryder’s sister responded, ‘I’ve no idea how big it is, but I intend to fly there and find out.  Want to come along?

Joel and Randy just shrugged and in tandem replied, “Who cares?”



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