Which will have the better story? Pluto or Ceres?

Aloha – It is turning into a great year for NASA with deeper probes into the Solar System.  Two stories I’m following (and report on regularly in this blog) are the Dawn probe to Ceres (what are those flashing lights or reflections coming from the long deemed dwarf planet in the Asteroid Belt/) and the New Horizon’s probe that has spent nine years moving toward what used to be our furthest planet, Pluto.

Pluto is a common source of debate… is it a planet or a dwarf planet (oversized asteroid).  Either way, Pluto has five moons and Earth only has one; that should be worth something.

Unlike Ceres where the Dawn is working toward a closer and closer orbit, New Horizons doesn’t have fuel to accomplish such a close examination.  Instead it will do a near fly-by (closer than 8,000 miles) and Charon, the largest of Pluto’s moon, and then continue on deeper into the Kuiper Belt looking for additional insights into the formation of the Solar System.

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