Wormhole travel?


Aloha – I’ve touched on this before, but what a great artist rendering http://www.space.com/20881-wormholes.html

So we face a few challenges when it comes to wormhole transportation.  Granted, if possible, it appears likely that much like Farscape, we could potentially cross to another part of the galaxy, another galaxy, or perhaps the middle of nowhere.  So, extraordinary radiation levels comes to mind, exotic matter (what the heck is that… we probably don’t know because it is exotic).  Then there is the relative size of wormholes… much smaller than the old Disney film The Black Hole or most other rendings of the same.  It would be hard to get a spaceship into something the size of a postage stamp.  Did I mention that they are extremely unstable.

Still, in my mind the big issue remains, so what.  If we stick with the theory that we can only move at speeds approaching the speed of light it might take decades to get to the right worm hole, then where do we come out?  It might be decades more of travel to reach the nearest star.  I’m all for exploring, but I’d like to think it had a different purpose that just taking a stick and walking into the wilderness of Alaska… actually that has some merit.  Beautiful scenery before the bear gets me.

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