Xeno-biologists versus Creationists

NASA scientist says this is where we'll likely find alien life first

Aloha – Xeno-biologists versus Creationist?  Perhaps it is because I love science fiction and that ‘what might me’ that I really don’t feel that discovering life outside of Earth’s boundaries would shake my religious convictions.  I have found the recent discussions of possibly discovering microbes or even tiny shrimp in such places as Ceres or Enceladus within our Solar System intriguing.  I had given up hope of finding Heinlein’s intelligent Dragons on Venus, or Burroughs men of Mars.  In recent years I have been convinced by the progress of Martian probes and the discovery that Mars once had a large sea that there may have been life and even a civilization on Mars.  But moving out the the rings of Saturn and the Asteroid Belt I did not have any expectations of finding life.  My own version of the goldilocks range did not anticipate that life could exist that far from the sun without some form of artificial support.

Now that the possibility of finding some form of life is distinctly possible in many of these worlds I’m not sure how I feel about it.  It seems unlikely still that we will find intelligent life as we think of such things.  So the idea of civilizations meeting and becoming friends and developing synergies through their association; or annihilating one another just because of fear of each other is not my concern.  What is the impact of finding microbes within an ocean of a Moon of Saturn?

  • By figuratively dissecting such life forms we would likely get a better understanding of the building blocks of life and become that much closer to gods who create life and life forms.  Hmmmm…. sudden visions of Jurassic Park come to mind;
  • As careful as we try to be will such microbe(s) be brought back to Earth and impact our eco-system in some way?
    • Turn teenagers into zombies
    • Infect and wipe out dogs (maybe not such a bad idea)
    • Infect and wipe out rabbits (not so good, what did a rabbit ever do to you?)
    • Get into the waters and spread like many of the waterway infestations we battle today, wiping out species or all ocean life
    • Actually be intelligent life forms that, once they escape, quickly multiply and attach themselves to people’s spinal cords and take over the minds of people (much like the Internet)
    • Something else neither I nor earlier famous science fiction writers have come up with yet

Okay, I”m not that worried about it.  But it certainly should be interesting to find out over the next few decades.  Some answers I did not expect to learn before my great-great grandchildren die of old age may be revealed before I die… if I live long enough.

An interesting story on this is available at


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