Dog Stars

Aloha – Okay the only relation ship this has to do with astronomy and/or the Demeter series is the character who Debbie’s character is modeled after has done it again.  I like animals, I really do, but I do not keep dogs, and I certainly don’t keep them in the house.  So how did I wind up with three dogs in my backyard.

The Debbie muse, who is much more like Debbie than any other human on the planet somehow convinced us to allow her to keep not one, but three dogs in our backyard this weekend (started early).  She lives in an apartment and had agreed to watch a close friend’s companion animal this week.  Her apartment complex allows companion animals reluctantly, and it was as a big favor they allowed her to watch the dog last time meaning two dogs.  So her “friend” and I use the term loosely not only brought her dog, but apparently got a second dog.  NO WAY ARE THREE DOGS STAYING IN THE APARTMENT.  So, Doc, can we keep these three sweet dogs at your house this weekend?


“Mrs. Doc?  Pretty please.”


And so our saga begins.  So far in an hour the dogs have destroyed a gate and even made Mrs. Doc unhappy.  Will we survive?  The howling began 59 minutes ago.  Please Lord, kidnap me and take me to Demeter.  I’ll even go the the ice fields.”

Hope your week is going better than mine.



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