Lake Ganymede? Good news for “Farmer in the Sky”

ganymede magnetic field

Aloha – Many years ago Robert Heinlein wrote one of my favorite juvenile science fiction novels, Farmer in the Sky.  In that novel, originally serialized in Boys Life, scouting magazine, a family moves to Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter.  The issue of water is never really addressed in the novel.  It actually focuses more on the nature of heating the moon to provide sufficient living temperatures.

Well, it appears there is plenty of water for farming on Ganymede (if they ever resolve the heat problem.  Scientists now hypothesize that there is more water on Ganymede than in all the oceans of the Earth.  One challenge is that it is buried under 95 miles of ice, but then is an estimated 60 miles deep.  Scuba diver field day?  This is the third such discovery announced in the past few weeks regarding our Solar System.  Looks like Ice Pirates had it wrong; and that there is plenty of water around the galaxy.

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