Aloha – Many, many years ago I ran across a trio of science fiction novels written by C.S. Lewis.  You more likely remember C.S. Lewis as the author of the children’s book series about the fantasy world of Narnia, that kicks off with The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

The first book in the sci fi series was, Out of the Silent Planet.  This was a much more mature version of traditional young adult science fiction.  Unlike most books in the genre the protagonist is an adult, frankly a middle-aged adult on a walking tour of the countryside of England.  He is lured into a trap by a former colleague, and winds up kidnapped and taken to Mars where he is given as a gift to Martians in exchange for what the villains want.  Thus the adventure novel begins.  It was intriguing and different enough that I devoured the novel, then quickly moved onto the next book in the series, Peralandra.

Peralandra continues the story with the same protagonist, but the story became more challenging and serious in nature, with the action occuring on the oceans of Venus.

That Hideous Strength, the conclusion of the trilogy was not a fun read but a very overt novel of good versus evil with the protagonist now serving the interests of good in an all out war against the original antagonist who is the representative of all that is evil here on Earth.  It’s structure reminds me much of the Wheels of Time series, although I don’t have to read 14,000 pages to get to the end of this.  It is the wrap up novel of a series.

I considered the series to be the best I read in college, and inadvertently lent it to a young college professor of English that I knew.  She apparently liked it so much that she packed it and took it off to South Dakota with here.  It was several years before I purchased another copy of the series.

A great read.  Just keep in mind that C.S. Lewis does put in very strong elements of Christianity into all of his writing.

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