What are the Top Ten Reasons to Move to Mars

living on mars will involve recycling of human waste and making use of ...

Several groups are trying to prepare to colonize Mars at least on a limited basis.  Many people question the sanity of those pioneers so let’s consider some, if not the most important reasons to move to Mars:

10.  Your teenagers won’t have good cell connections and will spend more time talking to you

9.  No traffic jams

8.  As the atmosphere is already destroyed, Al Gore won’t blame you for global warming

7.  If you can create global warming on Mars it will be a good thing

6.  In-laws won’t come to visit

5.  No Republicans

4.  No Democrats

3.  No Obama

2.  No Informercials

1.  No Reality TV

Would love to hear your answers to this question.  Please like, and add to the list :o)  Doc


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