What do the caverns of Demeter look like?

Aloha – I’ve been asked a few times what the caverns inside Demeter look like.  This particular photo is here on Earth of course, but it is the closest I could come to finding something that seemed similar in rendering.  The better cavern shots that would have the sense of luminosity that is common within the Demeter caverns based on the mineral composition is better suited to something like Carlsbad.  But there is no sense of millennia dripping stalactites or stalagmites.  The caverns of Demeter are try and might lead one to think they had been created by human design.  Of course on Earth what has a similar feel are the volcano tubes.  The best representation of this that I have seen is on the big island of Hawaii.  But there are plenty of other examples around the world.  Best wishes, Doc.


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