How to win a 1 on 3 dogfight in space

Aloha – Debbie was willing to respond to a few questions about some of the unusual maneuvers she is known for in Return to Demeter and Defending Demeter.

Doc:  How did you come up with what is commonly referred to as Debbie’s corkscrew?

Debbie:  Well, I’ve always liked roller coasters.  Several years ago, dad had a summer teaching gig in Yamashita Ken in Japan.  During that four month period I had a chance to ride the Eejanaika Roller Coaster.  What a rush?  Anyway, I cajoled Ryder and convinced him to take me back several times.  So when I started flying space craft outside of Demeter I wondered if I could do it in a fighter. Just like that, the Corkscrew maneuver was born.

Doc:  How do you keep your bearings?  I can imagine how it might help you get out of trouble, but I understand you shot down three fighters in one dogfight.  How did you know where they were?

Debbie:  I didn’t really see them, I just thought them.  Where would they go from where I saw them last?  They always were where I expected.  Shooting them down was easy because they were so confused.  I sort of felt sorry for the pilots.

Doc:  I understand that you have a new ship now.  What can you tell us about it?

Debbie:  You’re talking about the Raven-class ship.  I’m not allowed to say anything about it yet except that I think it would look great in purple with polka dots.

Doc:  Only to be expected from you.  Good luck.

Debbie:  Better to wish the Haumeahan’s luck.


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