How does a sci fi writer celebrate birthdays?

Aloha – I’m a bit off track today, but what an interesting day.  It was my wife’s 60th birthday.  No, not black balloons.  Instead I baked her a blue angel food cake, then put 60 mini-cupcakes on top each with its own candle.  5 dozen roses seemed like a good idea as well.  This would have made for a good celebration, but you don’t know my wife.  My daughter (who is the model for Debbie’s character in the Demeter series), also has a birthday this month.  So we baked a cake for her.  Three of our grandchildren, who also live in the area, were coming over today, who also have birthdays tomorrow and the next day.  If you’ve kept up on intros and conclusions I’m currently redoing, all three are in the intro for Demeter.  We baked a cake for each of them.  We also have a young friend of the family who turned 28 today so we baked a cake for him as well.  All told we baked six birthday cakes.  Then they all came over for homemade Navajo Tacos.  They also brought friends and other family members.  The friend, Blake (not mentioned in any of the books so far, but he would certainly make a good character, had to leave as he had a date.  We encouraged him to bring his date back.  They showed up about two hours later and joined the foray.  It was a noisy foray, but another friend who has a movie critic blog and I got into a discussion of all time most entertaining movies and we were arguing over which Star Wars movie should be at the top.

So, that’s how a sci fi writer (one who feels especially old tonight) celebrates his wife’s (and first proofreader) birthday.



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