The Wet Planet!

Ancient Mars Ocean Water Illustration

Aloha – Well the verdict is in.  Roughly 20% of the surface of Mars was once covered by one or more oceans.  Where did all that water go?  Apparently the atmosphere allowed the water to slip off into space.  An intriguing question that goes with the hypothesis, is if the atmosphere was so thin, how did the planet ever manage to create an ocean in the first place.  Did the Red Planet once have a heavier atmosphere?  If so, what happened to it?  It’s nice to let us know that an ocean existed, but what did that mean for the planet, and respectively for our own planet?

I’m still toying with the notion of the asteroid belt being a planet that exploded.  The impact was felt around the Solar System affecting Mars orbit and atmosphere.  It creates an intriguing potential of our own forebearers being Martians, who had to leave the planet and colonize Earth.  Of course the first step would have been to send a giant asteroid to Earth to wipe out those pesky dinosaurs.  Just a thought, a few million years in the making.  The first part fits into one of the themes of Burrough’s John Carter of Mars series.



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