Does Earth have a second Moon?

These are the best pictures we have of Earth's 'second moon'

Aloha – Duncan Forgan says yes.  Frankly the article does not verify that Yarl is a second moon orbiting the Earth.  The article indicates that Yarl is one of a number of asteroids that pass by the proximity of Earth periodically.  If that is the case I think that Mr. Forgan’s hypothesis is flawed.  Yarl is one of the obscure Aten Asteroids that wander the inner part of the Solar System and were unknown until recently.  As intriguing as a 3 mile in diameter moon of Earth would be the information is either inadequate or unreported.  Another good sci fi concept nonetheless :o)  Doc;_ylt=AwrSyCMHG_dUuF8A403QtDMD


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