Biggest Black Hole ever, so far

Aloha – Reuters ran a story today about the largest black hole ever discovered.  The story reports that this particular black hole is 12 billion times larger than our own Sun.  So the first question I had was how big is the Sun.  The best information I could gather was that it is approximately 1.4 million km in diameter.  Okay, so we’re talking a diameter of approximately, so that makes the diameter of this black hole about 16.8 billion miles.  All by itself that doesn’t mean much to me either.  I need some perspective on this to understand.  Next thought, how far is it from the Earth to the Sun?  93 million miles or roughly 150 million km.  Looks like we have to further.  Okay, what is the approximate diameter of the entire Solar System?  The depends on how you define the Solar System (9-15 billion km).  Okay, now I have some sort of lens to compare this to.  The largest black hole would swallow up our entire Solar System and more.  Pretty darn big.  Doc


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