Drought? Snow? A shift in the axis?

Aloha – The weather over the past couple of years has exacerbated the arguments over global warming.  There is evidence that the Earth is currently in a warming cycle.  But for fun (or fear mongering) let’s take another hypothesis.  Let us assume that from a weather perspective that the Earth is shifting its tilt.  With respect to North America if the New England States were in effect shifting to what we call “north” that would mean that the Western States would have to be shifting “south”.  What is the outcome?  Maine shifts to a position approaching the “Arctic Circle” while California shifts south to become the new Sahara Desert.  Although, this hypothesis seems unlikely and has no real scientific evidence to support it, consider that the Northeast United States has been having Arctic like winters with extreme snowfall, while the Western United States have been undergoing extraordinary heat and drought.  Makes for an intriguing plot line.  Just a thought.  I do like it better than some of the panic mongers of the past two decades.  Best wishes, Doc


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