Which do you like best?

Aloha – Over the past two months I have posted numerous short articles and stories on our blog site.  I especially like stories of what is going on in astronomy.  There is something new almost every day with fantastic pictures (thank you Hubble and others).  We have also had news about a long term probe that will be in the close proximity of Pluto in the next several months.  We are already starting to get pictures of Pluto and its moon.  I’m also very interested in the probe that is fast approaching the largest known asteroid in the Solar System, Ceres.  My personal interest in Ceres is that this relatively unknown object in the sky was the model for Demeter’s surface in the Demeter series.  The discussion of extensive water frozen in Ceres makes the plausibility of Demeter a little more real.

This blog really has three prongs.  The second prong, beyond interesting news in the world of astronomy is to share my views on great, and no so great science fiction writers – past and present.  If you don’t know that Robert Heinlein is my favorite sci-fi writer you haven’t been reading the blog.

The third prong of the blog is news, excerpts, and occasional stories from the Demeter series.  I share insights into the characters.  Recently I parceled out in 3 parts a short story I wrote focused on Debbie Ryder and her mischievous ways.

With all that said, I am very interested in your feedback and would love to have you share your thoughts on the best (and perhaps the worst) blog posting I’ve made in the past two months.  I’ve been known to occasionally toss out a bit of humor or sarcasm about something going on, ie NASA selling the Moon.  That one hit a positive and negative chord with some readers.  So what say you?  What do you like?  What don’t you like.  Review and share your thoughts on this blog or on facebook.

Best wishes,



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