Titan and Saturn

Aloha – After a couple of days of mocking the FAA regarding their initiatives to encourage development on the moon (I wonder who gets to tax Moon businesses) its time to get back to the spectacle of our galaxy and more especially in this photo, our Solar System.  The above photo is of Titan, a moon of Saturn.

Titan is the second largest moon in the Solar System, behind Ganymede which orbits Jupiter.  It has a thick atmosphere, water (although frozen) a nitrogen atmosphere, and a pretty darn good picture (very photogenic in this picture, although it is generally covered in smog that makes LA seem like a atmospheric delight.

The story tied to this actually includes some time lapse photos of Saturn and its rings that are detailed enough to think that they are artist’s renderings, but are the real thing.  If you’d like to visit the site it is at



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