Free flow water on asteroid?

Artist's concept of Dawn approaching Vesta under ion drive (Image: NASA)

Aloha – I believe Edgar Rice Burroughs had a novel where the center of the North Pole was warm, and that it led to an entire world.  Burroughs lesser known novels did inspire some of the configuration of the world of Demeter.  Today, I would be surprised to find a free-flowing river in the center of Antarctica.  However, even more surprising than that is to discover that Vesta (a larger asteroid in the Asteroid Belt) had free flowing water at one time.  Marks of water erosion are apparently abundant from data fed back to NASA from space probe, Dawn.  Dawn is fast approaching Ceres.  Who knows what we’ll find there.  It will be a bummer if it turns out to be exactly like the world of Demeter.  Meanwhile, the analysts are starting to provide the data analysis from the Vesta flyby.  If you’d like to read the article it is at

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