Bye-bye Rhode Island?

Near-Earth asteroid

Aloha – 2004-BL86 is on it’s way.  Of course, although it will come close, and be visible with binoculars, it will still be 3x the distance from Earth that the Moon is all the time.  Our friendly asteroid is causing a stir because of it’s proximity for observation not for fear of extinction.  But I did think it would be interesting to figure out the potential damage Agent 86 might cause if it did impact the Earth.  If it hit in Rhode Island, we would be down to 49 states and a big new bay.  It is not an extinction class asteroid, but still big enough to cause serious damage depending on where it hit.  Probably from a population perspective, hitting the ocean in certain areas might be more hazardous with the ensuing tsunami.

Meanwhile, nothing to fear this time around.  Pull out the telescopes and binoculars and enjoy.  One of several related article is available at:


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