Pluto versus Demeter

Artist's impression of Pluto's surface with its moon Charon and a distant sun in its sky.  Credit:  ESO/L. Calçada - Pluto

Aloha – An interesting article today (link below) on the New Horizons spacecraft that will approach Pluto on ‘July 14th’.  What caught my eye was the size of Pluto – 1500 miles in diameter.  This makes for an interesting comparison to the asteroid/planetoid of Demeter, in the Demeter series, which is 1,000 miles in diameter.    Pluto has an atmosphere of sorts, Demeter is void of atmosphere.  Pluto has five moons, Demeter has none.  Pluto is expected to have (per this simulation) dunes.  Why didn’t I think of that for Demeter.  Pluto is 3.67 billion miles from the Sun.  Demeter is over 5 trillion miles from the nearest start, but it actually is between 5 and 8 trillion miles from three different stars.  That should count for something on the interest scale.  Plus, Demeter’s interior in a veritable garden world.  Take that!  Anyway, the link to the Pluto story is:


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