Reduce the Christmas Shopping Stress … at least if you have friends who love Science Fiction

Aloha – It is December 24th, and while speaking with a good friend last night, he informed me that he had not yet done ANY of his Christmas shopping.  This morning at 5am my middle son was up because he had run out of propane and his domicile was freezing.  After attempting to help him figure out how to find propane at 5am I was awake, and thought the whole notion of last minute shopping for gifts or propane is very stressful.  So I decided to provide an easy option for my friends and readers.  I’ve reduced the price of all four books I’ve written that are available on Amazon as e-books to 99 cents (the minimum that Amazon allows :o).  This is a Christmas Eve/Christmas Day offer to help you finish up any last minute Christmas shopping you’re stressing over.  The first three titles are the first three books in the Demeter series.  The fourth book is a “how to” book I republished last year on how to avoid getting ripped off at car repair centers (years ago I was the COO of a large automotive repair chain so I speak from experience).  Browse, shop, and avoid the stress for those last minute science fiction junkies, and/or your friend who just got ripped off at a repair shop.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa and Oshogatsu Omerito!


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