Manned mission to Venus?

Aloha – Consider Venus as a vacation spot.  You feel pressure at work?  A week on Venus can make everything seem better with air pressure 92 times greater than Earth.  Feeling chilly in January?  Temperatures on the surface of Venus are a balmy 863 degrees Fahrenheit.

NASA apparently believes they can create a Cloud City (think Empire Strikes Back) 30 miles above the surface of Venus and astronauts could spend a month there studying the planet and going for joy rides in their Zeppelins.  Wow, if I didn’t have two other books in development I’d have to consider this one for a great Science Fiction novel.  The question is whether it would be a soap opera type romance, perhaps even a hundred episode tv series, or a tragedy… imagine the scene where one of the zeppelins with the love interest of one of the central characters falls to certain doom.  Hmmmm…. last minute rescue?  Sacrifice of a character that was the third member of the love triangle?  Stay tuned…

If you’d like to read the full news story go to


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