Citizen of the Galaxy

Aloha – Debbie (or her alter ego) has been ill for some time now so I’m jumping in.  In 6th grade I fell in love with Science Fiction, especially anything written by Robert Heinlein.  Later, he shifted to more mature topics, but his young adult and/or middle school written has stuck with me and inspired me to some extent relative to what I write.

One of my favorite Heinlein novels was “Citizen of the Galaxy”.  I managed to pick up a true first addition of the 1957 novel that I’ve added to my small collection of Heinlein memorabilia.  The protagonist in the novel is a young boy, sold at auction in a far off world.  He is raised by a beggar.  But nothing is as it seems.  Baslim is actually a spy, and after crossing large swaths of the galaxy, it turns out that Thorby is much more than a beggar’s adopted son.  A great tale where the good guys are truly good guys (and girls).  It does a very good job of showing different socio-economic systems and cultures.  But at 13 years old I really didn’t care.  I just wanted a great adventure story.


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